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Commercial properties need sturdy and stylish doors that can not only keep intruders at bay but also impress clients. However, the doors may not function correctly if there are problems with the panels, openers, or locks. That is why it is essential to contact a door installations and repair company that can send a team to inspect the issue and fix it as soon as possible.


Types of Commercial Door Repairs and Installations

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Companies offering commercial door install & repair services should have technicians who are knowledgeable and experienced so that they can work on a variety of doors. Many commercial doors may face different problems, and some of them are given below:

  1. Automatic Doors

Automatic doors allow smooth traffic control in commercial properties. They are useful to preserve security zones and welcome visitors. These doors are often used in shopping centers and convenience stores. They are available in various configurations and styles. Each of the different styles come with a specific purpose, plus their design adds to the overall style and aesthetics of the property. Some of the automatic doors that one can see in commercial properties include swing doors, sliding doors, folding doors, and revolving doors.

The companies that offer the installation of these doors should also provide repairs to ensure that the doors work smoothly all the time. They should specialize in servicing many commercial doors such as ICU doors, handicap doors, clean room doors, and many more. The technicians working for these companies will inspect the condition of the automatic door before suggesting a solution. Automatic doors often have a complicated mechanism, and this means an experienced repairman should be hired in order to get the issue resolved as soon as possible.

  1. Glass Entrance Doors

Glass entrance doors never seem to get old. Customers can choose from a wide range of glass doors that come in various combinations like frameless glass doors, wood and glass doors, aluminum and glass doors, and metal and glass doors. One of the reasons why everyone is so impressed by glass doors is that they can customize the doors according to their unique requirements. Professional door installations allow the customers to specify the thickness of the glass that needs to be installed and choose the design that fits their preference.

Another reason why glass doors are popular both in commercial and residential properties is that they can be designed according to the security and access controls required by the client. From badges to keypads, the technicians can install an added level of security according to the budget of the customer. But when these security systems or the panels of the glass door face technical problems, the technicians should arrive at the scene to fix it immediately. Depending on the issue, they may fix the problem on the same day or take the door away to fix it in their service center.

  1. Iron Gates

Many commercial properties like factories install iron gates. These gates are massive, and they are stronger than any other gate on the market. They are available in several designs such as side folding gates, scissor door gates, overhead roll-up gates, and exterior security gates. It takes time to develop these doors to meet the requirements of the client. Sometimes these doors come with security grilles to provide added security.

The locks used in iron gates are different from the usual lock and keys that one often sees in various commercial doors. Since they are bigger and stronger, the locks are often either automatic or semi-automatic so that the user doesn’t have to push the door with all his/her strength. When choosing a door installations provider, it’s important to be clear on the type of gate required. Companies often allow customers to customize these gates. From the type of gate to the locks used, one can pick and choose the features that further boost the security of the property.

  1. Overhead Doors

Many commercial properties also have overhead doors that roll up when one opens it. Small shop owners often use these in their property. You operate them manually, and one needs to use conventional locks to secure the door after closing. Professional door installations offer a variety of overhead doors such as thermacore doors, aluminum doors, high-speed fabric doors, rolling service doors, rolling sheet doors, wind load doors, counter doors, fire rated doors, high-speed rubber doors, and insulated sectional steel back doors.

Apart from new installations, customers can also call the technicians to service these doors. Sometimes the rollers attached at the top may not function correctly due to daily wear and tear. Also, non-maintenance of these parts can cause the door to malfunction. If one notices that the door is refusing to open, he/she should call the nearest company offering commercial door install & repair services. The technicians come equipped with the latest tools and machines that can fix these doors quickly. Their experience in handling so many doors over the years allows them to identify the location of the problem quickly.

  1. Metal Grilles

Many confuse metal grilles with iron gates because they are visually similar. However, metal grilles usually serve as an extra layer of security in commercial properties. Depending on the customer’s budget, you can make the grilles from various materials. Aluminum and iron are the two most popular options.

The Best Commercial Door Service Provider

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The front door serves a crucial role for both commercial and residential establishments. It’s essential to hire a service provider that not only provides door installations but also meets industry standards and goes the extra mile to satisfy their clients. Here are some of the qualities one should look for while searching for a reliable door installer and repair company:

• Skilled and Licensed Professionals

Skilled technicians may not always have a license. No matter how skillful the technicians may be unless they have a license, one shouldn’t hire the company to install or repair commercial doors. These doors will protect the business for years. Therefore, it’s essential to find someone who has experience in doing this job. Skills are crucial, but it’s important to choose a licensed professional to guarantee high-quality results. Door installers with licenses also provide insurance. This means clients can rest assured knowing that they won’t pay for any damages caused by the installer or repairman.

• Fair Pricing

Several factors decide the pricing of the door installation or repairs. If it is a new installation, the company will consider the type of door the customer wants. Furthermore, they’ll consider the material used to make the door, size and dimension of the door, additional safety items installed such as locks or security systems, and the installation charges. So, before hiring a company, it is wise to shortlist a few companies. This is so you can find ones that can offer new installations at budget-friendly prices. Most companies will provide a free quotation. One can then compare the rates to find which one offers the most reasonable rates without compromising the quality of their service.

Apart from new installations, the repair services also come with detailed estimates. They send technicians to check the exact problem with the door. Depending on the problem, the technicians will recommend the best solution. They will also provide the approximate cost it will take to fix it.

• Service Warranty

Whether it is a new door installation or servicing old doors, the company should offer a warranty. This should be included with all the products and services they offer. Customers love extended warranties. It gives them a feeling of value for their money. Companies that provide warranty on commercial doors often have a huge customer base. It also assures them that the doors won’t malfunction. And in case they do, they can expect a free replacement or free servicing from the company.

• Experience of Working on Different Commercial Doors

Commercial doors have evolved over the years. Although most commercial properties have automatic and semi-automatic doors now, there still exists offices where manual doors are available. So, when hiring a commercial door repair company, one should always keep in mind that the technicians should be knowledgeable. In addition, they should be experienced in working with various types of doors. Whether it is an overhead door or glass entrance door, they must be efficient in all the commercial doors to provide a thorough service.

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Commercial properties need sturdy and stylish doors that can not only keep intruders at bay but also impress clients. However, the doors may not function correctly if there are problems with the panels, openers, or locks. That is why it is essential to contact a door installations and repair company that can send a team to inspect the issue and fix it as soon as possible.