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Storefront Doors Repair & Install

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Storefront Doors Repair & Install must be inviting and welcoming. Unlike the doors in your house, where you want the highest level of privacy, storefront doors are intended to attract potential customers;

Storefront Doors Repair & Install it must be visually appealing without intimidating passersby or compromising security. Storefront door is indeed an inescapable part of curb appeal to draw people’s attention, but its main function is to deliver the sense of security and protection for everyone inside your store. No matter what the design is, the door needs to be properly installed by qualified professionals and repaired by experienced technicians in case something goes wrong.


Storefront repair and installation are not easy tasks for everyone. Regardless of how simple they may seem, a good deal of engineering is involved to make sure the door remains in visually good conditions without compromising the walls’ and frame’s rigidity. Even a quick task such as replacing hinges, knob, or lock can affect overall aesthetics and the door’s ability to provide the needed peace of mind from potential security breach. Highgate Doors ensures professional full-scale storefront doors repair and installation done by experienced technicians using professional-grade equipments for the best results. Call us at (212) 860-5477 to get free quotes and same day response for any door repair, maintenance, and complete installation projects.


Storefront Doors Repair & Install
Storefront Doors Repair & Install

We understand that storefront doors repair and install services are getting more competitive. Demands for professional providers are never ceasing due to the increasing number of commercial buildings every year. New stores are always being constructed, and every owner wants to stand out from the crowd by installing uniquely designed doors. On the other hand, owners of the existing stores want major design overhaul to refresh how the stores look. In a commercial building where hundreds of stores are in very competitive environment, every store has its own method to attract customers starting from in front of the doors.


Similar to any residential types, storefront doors are available in ready-made models and a variety of materials including but not limited to woods, aluminum, glass, fiberglass, and stainless steel. There is no way door frame makers can keep up with the overwhelming demands of new designs. To deliver the best customers’ satisfactions, Highgate Doors provides storefront doors repair and install services which include creating your doors from scratch according to our customers’ specifications. Unlike installing ready-made models, custom doors require more through inspections concerning dimensions, frame designs, aesthetic treatments, and detailed calculations to make sure the new door complements overall look of the store. More elaborate works are done on the site, but executions of the original plan are carried out with surgical precision accuracy to prevent the hassles of unexpected mismatch, in terms of both hardware and cosmetic treatments.


Why Highgate Doors?

New York is one of the most economically dynamic cities in the world and filled with some of the busiest shopping districts and streets. Highgate Doors has been around for many years in this industry and we are familiar with the competitive nature of New York business establishments where every store owner in literally every street needs to deliver not only best customer service but also fresh and updated storefront door design to stay attractive. We proudly say that Highgate Doors’ services meet and exceed customers’ expectations:

  • Licensed and insured business with BBB accredited Business A+; this is the highest rating possible given by Better Business Bureau
  • More than 10 five-star reviews on both Google and Yelp
  • Using only professional-grade equipments operated by highly trained door experts
  • Competitive pricing that comes with 90 days warranty on services
  • Serving New York Metro Area for more than 12 years and ensuring code compliant services
  • Handling all kinds of doors for residential, commercial, municipal applications and more.
  • 24/7 availability makes sure we get on-site as soon as possible day or night to provide assistances
  • 100% free quotes and same day response. Highgate Doors is always available at (212) 860-5477

Storefront Doors Repair and Install Services

Storefront Doors Repair & Install
Storefront Doors Repair & Install

By always putting ourselves in customers’ positions, we understand that there are two most important things with any door repair and installations. First, you want to have the best quality materials and cosmetically unique designs. Second, everything is an investment so you want to avoid risky door services that require frequent maintenance and costly restoration in the near future.

There are two popular types of storefront doors: glass and aluminum. With storefront glass doors, you get the modern sophisticated look. A variety of options are also available for examples sliding, revolving, double-pane, etched, and more. With aluminum, you get more subtle and understated look without reducing attractiveness. No matter what the materials and models are, storefront doors can only ensure security and comfort when installed properly by professionals. Give us a call at (212) 860-5477 and we will listen carefully to your needs. Our representative will inspect the locations and existing damages (if any), so we can recommend the best door treatments for you. Inspections will include not only the materials, repair, and installation, but also the design of your store.


Storefront Doors Repair & Install
Storefront Doors Repair & Install

Proper hardware choices play major roles to determine construction rigidity, strength, and durability. A door is not only about the frame, but it also includes every hardware piece such as hinges, locks, handles, braces, etc. Highgate Doors perfectly understand you need more than just good-looking doors that serve almost nothing but mere good appearance. More than that, you want peace of mind knowing that your store is well-fortified with secured doors and locks. Furthermore, it is good to know that the doors require very little to no maintenance. Nothing makes us happier than knowing that you get what you want. Give us a call at (212) 860-5477 and we will deliver the things you need the most.


It is worth mentioning that storefront door, similar to other mechanical things, is subject to wear and tear. We install the door to the highest standard, but we cannot simply ignore the possibility that the hardware will require maintenance and repair. We are always available at (212) 860-5477; give us a call should your storefront door, whether it is glass, custom, aluminum, stainless steel, sliding, and any design, needs professional treatments. (212) 860-5477; give us a call should your storefront door, whether it is glass, custom, aluminum, stainless steel, sliding, and any design, needs professional treatments.