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Replacing Interior Doors

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Interior doors are an essential part of the overall look of your home and crucially influence its inner curb appeal. While it is commonly easy to overlook these doors as just part of the background and focus of a home, replacing interior doors do not only help in tying a space together visually, but they are also offering other benefits.

Measuring an interior door for a replacement

Replacing Interior Doors
Replacing Interior Doors

If it is time to replace one of your interior doors, it is essential to measure appropriately so that the replacement door would fit well. Even though it is commonly possible to just repair and repaint an interior door, it sometimes become important to actually replace it. If a door is severely damaged, or if it has an outdated style, which does not work with your home décor anymore, replacing it usually the most preferred choice. In addition, in several cases, when you plan on replacing interior doors in your home, you might need to measure for a new door, or you need to change the size of your current door. If you are ready to replace or add one or more interior doors inside your home, there are several things needed for measurement.

  • Choosing the perfect door – Even though you will find a wide range of styles, designs, and colors to choose from, ensuring that you would get the right door size is essentially the most important task. When a door does not fit correctly, it will stick and jam, or it will simply not close tightly. To be able to prevent this problem, it is important that you take careful measurements. As a matter of fact, measuring more than once to be able to make sure your measurements are correct. Especially with the help of a reliable local door contractor, this can be a great safeguard against buying the wrong size of the interior door. It would be better to spend more effort and time when you measure as compared to wasting time and money in the future after you have accidentally bought an inappropriately sized door.
  • Necessary materials – To be able to perform careful measurements, you will be needing several basic supplies and tools. If you do not have these tools, hiring a door repairman to do the necessary things for replacing your interior door, you can ensure the accuracy and fast working process.
  • Measurement for replacing an existing door – If, you just have to replace a current door, your measuring tasks may be somewhat simple. If the interior door you are planning to replace has been correctly sized, you just have to measure it to be able to find the correct measurement for the replacement door. However, with a door contractor, you will be provided with precise measurement without spending so much time to repeatedly check if you have made the right measurement. These professionals will measure both the width and height of the door. They will write down the measurements and buy a door that will match the measurements. But in several cases, they will need to trim the new door a little bit to ensure that it would fit perfectly.
  • Measurement for a resized or new door opening – When creating a new door opening, you need to be sure to add 2 inches to both door width and height measurement. This will enable enough space for the door frame to be properly installed, together with an adequate amount of space for any important shims. If necessary, sketch the wall of the room into a graph paper to be able to carefully plan the size and position of the door opening. It is also important to pay attention about which way the door is going to swing during the planning phase of replacing interior doors. You will have to measure carefully, staring at the top of the door to appropriately place the hinges. Check to ensure that the door frame and corners of the door are both square, through a framing square before hanging the interior door.

Reasons for ­replacing interior doors

Replacing Interior Doors
Replacing Interior Doors

First of all, consider replacing or upgrading your interior door if they differ in colors and types. If doors in the same area of your home, such as upstairs bedroom, living room, basement, or kitchen, do not match, the whole space will lose cohesion. Older homes, which have been through several renovations may have a hodge-podge of types of door on their upper levels and main door, replacing interior doors on the same level with those of a consistent theme or look will be able to improve the visual flow of the house.

It is also worth replacing your interior doors if they have become damaged or they do not sit properly in their frames anymore. Hollow core doors are particularly vulnerable to damage from kicks and bumps. Minor damage to solid wood doors may be more easily corrected through sanding and then painting or staining again. However, these heavier doors are more prone to moving out of alignment with their frame. A wood door that does not close appropriately and has crucial damage may be better used elsewhere in your home or be repurposed by a home door repair professional.

Benefits of interior door replacement

You will find doors everywhere you go. You find doors even when you do not look for them. You can see them at home, restaurants, shopping malls, and workplaces. In addition, there are many more places, in which doors can be found. Doors serve lots of purposes everywhere they are located. They are protecting people from bad weather and they keep the intruders out. For these reasons, it is essential for your doors to stay functional all the time. After many years of use, doors will wear out just like how other things do. Doors have also a tendency of getting broken. It does not matter what happens to the door, but it does matter that the door has to be replaced.

Types of interior doors

There are a wide number of interior door types to select from, which include the following:

  • Pocket doors
  • French doors
  • Solid wood doors
  • Bifold doors
  • Accordion doors
  • Free-resistant doors
  • Engineered wood doors
  • Faux wood doors

Every type of interior door is offering its own advantages. For instance, the solid wood doors are an outstanding option is you want to stop sound transmission from room to another. Fire-resistant doors may offer up to a half-hour of protection in the event of a house fire and a good option for bedrooms. On the other hand, pocket doors slide into walls instead of swinging open, which are a great choice for a small space.


A necessity for door professionals

The hardware on your interior doors can make or break the first impression that people receive when walking into your home. If you want to make a meaningful impact with your interior door, put some thought into the hardware you consider to install. If you have the time and you feel more comfortable with power tools, replacing interior doors might be within your comfort zone. Nevertheless, there are great reasons for hiring an expert for door replacement. This is not the place to have a DIY nightmare with mistakes because, everyone will see the problems you encountered when replacing your door.

  1. Benefits of professional replacement process – The mechanics of interior door necessitates accurate installation. Without precise marking and measuring, you might make serous errors in the placement. If you have a misaligned door, your doors might not close and open efficiently. You might even experience issues with energy and security loss if you have doors that do not tightly close A door specialist will bring expertise and skills to the project, making sure the correct installation and measuring for any home.
  2. Quantity of doors that need upgrading – If you are upgrading a number of doors inside your home, you are facing an essential process of measuring, installing, and choosing door hardware, You may work at this by yourself; however, getting the whole project done at one time will be beneficial. With professional door installers involved, you will receive helpful guidance to select perfect hardware for every door. As soon as you completed the selection process, the professional will move on to replacing everything. You will most probably find that the replacement takes less time as compared to if you were to do it by yourself. With a professional on the job, you will know that your door hardware will work and fit flawlessly.
  3. Door replacement cost – The average cost for replacing door hardware will depend on your geographical local and any special factors regarding the job, which include the installation of custom hardware. You may receive a quantity discount if you have several doors that need to be replaced.

Replacing interior doors are absolutely attractive, in a home where every room is required a door. Because every doorway will have a different size, there are several styles to select from. Better yet, working with a company with good preferences and many satisfied clients will ensure that your door will

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