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How to Repair a Door Jamb after a Break In

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Repair Door Jamb Break how can we fix it?

Repair Door Jamb Break how to How to Repair a Door Jamb after a Break In A door jamb is the one that acts as a support for the frame and for the door itself. It is a frame of vertical portion of the door in which a door is secured. It allows you to open and close the door easily. Thus, the main importance of having door jamb is for your security. If you are sure that your house is well locked and secured, then you will not anymore worry of you and your family’s safety at home.

Experiencing a break-in, whether it is in your houses or workplace is really a traumatic experience. You don’t even know how you would be able to rise again after all your money and properties have been taken away by an intruder or thief. It’s definitely not easy to move on after that but since it happened already, what we can only do is to accept what had happened. Thus, of course after the doorjamb of your houses has been broken, you must not panic. You can call a professional and expert in terms of door jamb to restore it for you.

Things to do to repair a door jamb after a break in:

  • Consult Professionals and Expert Service Providers

After what had happened, immediately call for a contactor or service provider that can repair the damages in your broken door jamb.

  • Once they are done repairing the door jamb, consult a locksmith or contactor to install complicated and high security lock on all of your doors. High security locks are very hard to open even with the use of any alternative keys that can be used by an intruder. Since those burglars will find it hard to open it, they will give up already and go for another target with doors that are much easier to break-in.
  • If you want to be totally safe, you can also ask them to install CCTV systems to your house that will add more security in your life.

What if you have a tight budget and cannot pay for the expensive services of contractors?

Repair Door Jamb Break
Repair Door Jamb Break

Well, you can have a temporary repair of your door jamb by yourself. Here are some of the ways that you can do at home:

  • Replace the strike plates and secure them with drywall screws. Peel away the door’s weather-strip, especially if the door has a gasket that is held in the groove of the door jamb.
  • Removed your door’s casing by gently prying it away through the putty knife and small pry bar. Use the putty knife to make the insulation back into the gap between the door’s jamb and its frame.
  • Remove the wood jamb and clean up the broken wood using a chisel
  • Measure the width of the new wood (alternative jamb) using a circular saw to rip a width of the piece of wood that you desire. You can cut the board base on the accurate measurement of its length through a miter saw. ( cut it in relation to the original length and width of door jamb)
  • Set the new board that you have made in place. Placing it in accurate position is very much important. Thus, you must consider the original gap between the jamb and the door before placing it.
  • Push through the new piece of wood in place.
  • If it is set already and the gap between the door and the jamb is already precise and accurate, then you can use a brad nailer for the shimming of the board to the door’s frame.
  • To assure that the new jamb are properly set, then you can use try-square to adjust the jamb if it is not properly placed against the door frames. Also, you can try sliding the putty knife along the gap in between the jamb and the door to know if it works already.
  • Install a striker plates through the 3 inch deck screws. This will make the door jamb much more hard to break the next time around an intruder would try breaking it.

See, you need not spend much money just for you to repair your broken door jamb. Moreover, if you want to increase your security, you can hire an expert contractor that will secure you and your family against those robbers or intruders. Thus, if your door is more than 7 years already, then it is advisable for you to replace your door frames and its jamb already. Even for some newer homes, they can already re-secured their houses by  using longer screws but still, the exiting holes may not be useful anymore. Since you are securing your life, of course, what you need is to make sure also that the door jambs you have at home gives you the highest security.

Improving your door’s jambs and frames are absolutely of great help in reducing the possibility that you and your family’s lives are safe from intruders. Remember, burglars don’t take any vacation and when they need something, they will just come in times that you didn’t expect it. They really love to look at houses or establishments were they can have an easy entry, quick exit and in times where no one can notice them. Thus, aside from providing high lock system, CCTV’s and other advanced security systems, the things that must come first in your mind are the people whom you are talking to. Being selective of the people whom you are dealing to is not bad, especially when you want to assure the protection and security of all your loved ones.


People may think that lock is the first line of defense when it comes to their home security but certainly, if you have poorly constructed doors, no matter what lock or door jambs you have used, a burglar can still easily break your entire door and circumvent the lock. Your home is like a castle, where your most treasured possessions are living and that is your family. No diamonds, gold, and luxuries jewelry can compare to your family, so take care of them. Keep them safe in your well-secured home.

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