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How to Repair a Broken Door Jamb ?

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Repair Broken Door Jamb
Repair Broken Door Jamb

Repair Broken Door Jamb how?

Repair Broken Door Jamb At home, there are vital parts of the house that need to be checked and investigated especially when it serves as our pathway for security. Often times, there are some ruins that need to be repaired as soon as possible. We do it not only for a reason that we just wanted to sustain the value of our home, but also to obtain comfort of making our home safe from intruders and people with bad intentions. When you are experiencing an issue regarding your door jambs, then you better make a quick action for it. Have it repaired!

The jamb is considered as the interior frame that surrounds the door on two sides and on top, as opposed to the frame of stud wall that surrounds on it. There are lots of exterior doors that weigh upwards about fifty pounds. The force of the sledgehammer is the same as the force brought by a constant door slamming. And this type of action can cause a door jamb even in the most secured attached doors, it can lose its value over time resulting into damage. When your door has a broken loose and it shakes and ceases your door from performing its natural operation, then it is time for you to fix it.

However, there are things that you need before you do the door repair:

  • Pry bar
  • Locking pliers
  • Level
  • Shims
  • Hammer
  • 3-inch treated deck screws
  • Drill
  • Finish nails
  • Painter’s caulk or wood filler

These tools can help you make the job fast and easy according to its function on the repair of broken door jamb. Here are the following steps that you need to follow during the repair so that you will have an effective and quality fixing.

Step One:

Here is the first and primary step that you must do. Expose gaps between the outside part of the jamb and a doorframe through prying the casing of the door, or flat molding trim around the door, from the inside of jamb with flat pry bar. Then, pull the nails at the back of the casing using the locking pliers in order to prevent the holes in face of molding, and set aside the casing for reuse purposes.

Step Two:

Repair Broken Door Jamb
Repair Broken Door Jamb

After the mentioned steps above, proceed here to the next. Set some level against the inside appearance of the hinge side jamb. To center the bubble in level, tap the top part of the jam whether in or out. Wedge shims at the back of the jamb at top corner so that it can hold the jamb steady. Then replace a screw in top hinge using there inches of treated deck screw in order to pull the jamb into its place. This can hold the jamb into the frame to stop it from losing again. Wedge shims at the back of the bottom corner of jamb and replace a screw in bottom hinge using the three inches treated deck screw. You can also replace the remaining of hinge screws for an additional safety, even it is not that necessary.

Step Three:

Perhaps I made everything clear at the following second steps, so here is the next. Put the level on the edge of jamb on knob side of your door, then tap the upper part of the jamb in and out, which is necessary to make the bubble place at the center. Wedge shims at the back of the top and bottom of jamb. Then, replace the old screws of the doorknob deadbolt receiving plate and striker plate (only for the exterior doors) using the three-inch screws. Snugly tighten the screw to attach the jamb for a firm build to a stud framing behind.

Step Four:

We are moving closer to finish the repair of your broken door jamb. Drive the three inch screw through the jamb header, or to the top member horizontally, into frame above near the outside corners. Then snug them, but it is advised not to over tight the screws. Then replace the screws in threshold, which is the bottom plate of doorframe, using a ¼ inch long than the originals to make the joint strengthen up. Pull out one screw and bring it to hardware store that will serve as your comparison for reference. The coarser threads can also help.

Step Five:

This is the last and final step so make it easy and perfect, nail the casing if the door back in place on edge of door jamb. Use a hammer and some finish nails to see the best results of the repair. Fill up the nail holes using the painter’s caulk in a painted finish, or even woof filler on stained finish. You can caulk around the rim of the casing using the painter’s caulk.

There, we had already fixed your broken door jambs. With the right amount of patience, determination and diligence, we finish the repair on time. For your information, no matter how tough the foundation of your door, no matter how reliable the materials you used in your door jambs, it will still give up because of its repeated daily action performed that cause the jambs to distort over time.

If you have valuable experiences in the doorjamb repairs, then you can do it alone. Your knowledge can help you a lot, saving you money to be spent for a contractor repair. With the aid of the tools used in the broken door jamb repair, the process becomes fast and easy. But if you are having a hard time repairing it alone, then you better seek professional help to repair your broken door jamb from reliable and excellent repairmen in the area near you. A friendly reminder: Never ever, try to intrude of doing the repair if you have no idea on how everything goes. In addition, the absence of knowledge can only make the damage even worse. This would result to costly repair and waste of time.

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