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Louvre Doors Repair & Install

Louvre Doors Repair & Install
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Louvre Doors Repair & Install Typically, residential and commercial places prefer to install Louvered doors on their closets, but they are also good to use as standard room and doorways. Compared to the generic options that come in door types, they provide contemporary touches to homes, and allow a number of benefits. Usually their construction includes rows of wooden slats, which have angles to allow easy opening and closing to allow the inflow of air without actually showing the contents behind the door while they are not open. Commonly, these door types are bi-fold, meaning each door consists of two hinged panels.

Bi-fold, hinged closet doors may be of use as individual doors for small spaces, but their installation is usually possible in more than one pair. This allows users to open each door separately to access the part they wish to open. Since such doors feature smooth frames in the middle and around the wooden slats, they have unique details, and can appear more attractive than the other choices, which are plain. In commercial places or homes, the smooth frames are sometimes referred to as rails, while the slats are the stiles.

These stiles could be fixable or the adjustable types, meaning they are a lot similar to the window blinds available today. This makes it easier for users to adjust the stiles (either open or close form). Installing louvre doors comes with numerous advantages, a few include:

Louvre Doors Repair & Install
Louvre Doors Repair & Install

1.    Aesthetic Appeal

Louvre doors add the right touch of elegance in terms of style and look. This fits perfectly for homeowners who prefer to add a unique touch to their home. These doors not only appear elegant, but they instantly lift the entire appearance of homes and commercial places into contemporary ones. With the elegant rows of fine wooden or sometimes plastic slats, any ordinary door is sure to transform into a stylish and new one that will turn eyes to it.

Louvre Doors Repair & Install
Louvre Doors Repair & Install

2.    Cross Ventilation

The main reason why louvered doors have slats is to allow the easy passage of air through them. This serves as the ideal means for ventilation into your home or closet. With air passing through the closet or door, the items inside will surely receive the right amount of air to keep them breathing and free of bad odors, especially at times when the temperature is high, the chances are greater that damages could affect the items inside the doors.

3.    Versatility

The best part about louvered doors is that they are available in a number of option and colors at home improvement shops. Some include the traditional bi-fold types, and multi fold structures. If you wish to improve your home with a modern touch, then you could go for the sliding louvered doors, which serves as the ideal choice for small spaces. Other types of such doors include the ones with adjustable slats, which allows users to adjust the slats according to their preference and manage the inflow of air.

Louvre Doors Repair & Install
Louvre Doors Repair & Install

4.    Adds Space and an Inexpensive Choice

Louvered doors help to create the illusion of free space in any room. Another good quality of these doors is that they are inexpensive, meaning you can choose the custom or modern design without worrying about the cost.

Disadvantages of Louvre Doors

The major challenge for most homeowners is the repair and installation of Louvered Doors. The ridges sometimes are so narrow, making it hard for people to access them. Eventually, this leads to the accumulation of dust, moisture and other factors that make it challenging to clean them. This is when you can rely on the best services to repair and install louvered doors for you.

Repair and Installation of Louvered Doors at Highgate Doors

At Highgate Doors, you should rest assured that we have teams of highly skilled professionals who know exactly how to repair or install worn our louvered doors. With over 30 years of experience in this industry, we are proud to say that we have catered to the needs of most of our customers.

We Offer Superior Services in New York

Highgate Doors is renowned for providing superior quality services as compared to other options around New York. No matter what style, or design of the Louvered door, we guarantee that we will install or repair them in the best ways possible to keep you happy. With a good customer-base, we assure you that you will be happy with the services that we offer.

We deliver on-time services and out team always arrives on the exact time you tell them to handle the parts of the louvered door that are giving you problems. Once the repair or installation process is over, our team ensures to clean the premises, leaving it just the way it was when they entered your home.

When the installation of louvered doors is done in an improper way, they tend to work inefficiently, meaning they don’t close or open properly, and a number of other problems. It could also affect the quality of air that enters through, meaning the items in your home or closet could smell musty.

At other times, improper installation of louvered doors could lead to other risks like the hinges loosening up and the doors falling apart. This is why it is important that you call in professionals to install the doors for you and maintain them as well.

At Highgate Doors, we offer our services at the most affordable rates; we pay special attention to every single detail and deliver quality services. Customer satisfaction is a top priority for us, so we take our time to attend to any questions you have for us. For further information on our services, the prices we offer, or free appointments for estimates on the size appropriate for your home or commercial place, feel free to call us on our number (212) 860-5477. Apart from louvered doors, we specialize in the repair and installation of many other doors like high-security doors, armor doors to keep you protected from intruders and many more.