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What To Do If Your Discover You are Locked Out Of Your Home, Car, Or Office?

Lock Out Locksmith Service
Lock Out Locksmith Service

Most people Lockout Locksmith at one time or another in their adult life discover themselves locked out of their home, car, or office. While seeing someone on the television, run out to pick up the paper off their lawn in just their boxer shorts only to rush back and find themselves locked out of their house is amusing, when it happens in real life most people feel like doing everything, but laughing.

After that first moment of disbelief, most people feel a moment of panic before they calm down and start to think about the actions they can take in order to get back into their home, car, or office. If you have experienced a lockout before, or one of those people who plans for every eventuality then you have a spare key that you have left with someone you trust and who if you are extremely lucky you can contact and they can bring you your spare key. However, in most cases, you have either left your spare keys in your home, which you are now locked of, or have no spare key at all. Here are some things you can try depending on where or what you happen to be locked of.

Your Home

If you are locked out of your home or some room in your home, you may be able to gain access yourself. For example, you can always climb through an open window if there is one and you don’t live in place where you have to worry someone may think you are attempting on burglarizing the place if they see you half in and half out window. However, your best choice might be to call on a professional who is trained and skilled at picking that lock and letting you into your home. Of course it would be best to call someone who has done work at your home before and knows this is your home, or at least have a neighbor who will vouch for you since you need to be able to prove that you have a right to enter the home.

If you are locked out of a room, a closet or your home safe, again it is best to call a professional who can pick your lock and allow you access without causing damage that will cost you more money to fix.

Car Lockouts

Lockout Locksmith
Lockout Locksmith

Gone are the good old days when all you needed to break into your own car when you have locked yourself out is a clothes hanger and slightly open window. Today’s car manufacturers do everything they can to prevent your car from being able to be broken into which makes getting locked out of your car a bit more frustrating. Here again your best bet is to call a professional to pick your car’s lock and allow you access to your car and the keys left inside. Trying to pick the lock yourself in an effort to save money may damage the lock and result in costing you far more that calling for professional help in the first place. Of course if you have locked your car and then lost your car keys, you are going to need a professional to not only let you into your car, but to make you a new key and program it so that you can drive your car.

Your Office

In most cases if you have locked yourself out of office, there is a partner or trusted employee that has a spare key that you can call to let you back in so that you can retrieve you keys. However, if you are a one man operation you may not have a spare key to business and may need the assistance of a professional to help you gain access to your office and the keys you locked inside.

In some cases the problem of your lockout may not be misplaced or lost keys at all, but may be due to a broken or malfunctioning lock, or even keys breaking off in a lock. In these cases hiring a professional to help repair or replace your lock or extract the broken key will allow you to gain access to your home, car or office without causing any further damage.

Lockout Locksmith
Lockout Locksmith

Here at Highgate Door Repair and Installation we not can repair and install any door in or out of your home or business, we also can install security gates and help you should you become locked out of your home, business or car regain access quickly so you can be on your way with less worry and stress than you might imagine.

For more information about the various services we provides visit our website at www.Highgatedoors.com or give us a call at (212) 860-5477.