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Hollow Metal Doors Repair & Install

Hollow Metal Doors Repair & Install
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Hollow Metal Doors Repair & Install are mostly seen on commercial and municipal buildings such as stores and schools.

Hollow Metal Doors Repair & Install The material is strong and durable, making it the door of choice for many store owners who desire both functionality and aesthetic quality. Frames of hollow metal doors are designed to deliver long-lasting performance and provide unchanged appearance for years or even decades. No matter how highly-rated they are in terms of quality, door frames cannot function without other supportive hardware pieces such as high-grade hinges, locks, knobs, braces, handles, latches, and more. All are assembled into one single rigid component of a building. Highgate Doors makes sure proper hollow metal doors repair and install services using only professional-grade equipments to reinforce access to your store.


Compared to other materials such as glass or woods, hollow metal is generally accepted as the more powerful and durable to withstand almost everything thrown at it. The door will remain standing strong after unfriendly wind, occasional (probably frequent) bumps, and even fire. As a matter of fact, hollow metal is the only door material widely available with 3 hour label. For store owners, it is good idea to use the material to separate two buildings joined together. Hollow metal doors prevent or at least help to minimize financial loss due to fire. To really take advantage of the materials, however, you need the doors to be properly installed or repaired by experienced door experts. Highgate Doors gets its excellent reputation not for nothing; we have been here for more than 12 years and consistently providing quality door repair and installation services all over New York Metro Area.


Quality services start from the moment you call us at (212) 860-5477 for inquiries, free quotes, and inspections. Highgate Doors offers hollow metal repair and installation, but more than that we thrive because we also give the best possible customers’ satisfactions. Top quality works done by trained technicians give reassurance. By choosing hollow metal doors, you expect to get all the features often praised by many engineers, design professionals, architects, and construction trade professionals.


Hollow Metal Doors Repair & Install
Hollow Metal Doors Repair & Install

Hollow metal doors and frames are made from steel. Natural strength of steel will easily outperform many alternative materials such as aluminum, wood, fiberglass, and glass. Even when those other materials are specially treated to improve strength, it is difficult to get the same level of performance you can get from steel. Hollow metal doors basically outrank every other type of door in all respects including rigidity, durability, fire rating, and resistance against wind, corrosion, alteration in cosmetic and even vandalism. The problem is that superior performance is only possible when hollow steel doors are installed in accordance to professional guidelines, and this is where Highgate Doors comes in to deliver.


What You Should Get from Hollow Metal Doors Repair and Install Services


When used as doors and frames, hollow metal is no longer a stand-alone component, but part of the bigger structure. Precise treatments in assembly and installations of other features such as handles and security locks are not negligible. Highgate Doors handles all parts of hollow metal doors as one coherent process, eliminating the possibility of mishaps and faulty constructions. Give us a call at (212) 860-5477, and you will get at least the following features from your hollow metal doors.


  1. Security


Apart from being invulnerable to most vandalism acts, hollow metal doors and frames are ideal to prevent damages from the inescapable natural elements such as water and snow. There are rigid, meaning they can maintain form factor or shape even when exposed to extreme cold and hot temperatures. Humidity, which often causes problems to other materials, is practically harmless to hollow metal doors.  Complemented with secured hardware pieces including electromagnetic locks, hollow metal doors are the first lines of defense against security breach. During inspections, Highgate Doors’ representative checks all possible weaknesses and makes suggestions based on the findings on site.

  1. Enhanced Protections and Comfort


Depending on the design and installation techniques, hollow metal doors can be both soundproof and bulletproof. To get those benefits, Highgate Doors offer several different types of fillers including:


  • Honeycomb Core: thanks to the unique structure of honeycomb cores, hollow metal doors can be soundproof and good for insulation. Such door can be used for both exterior and interior. Besides for soundproofing purpose, honeycomb core also improves the impact resistance of hollow metal. It is durable and possibly treated to resist insects and decay.
Hollow Metal Doors Repair & Install
Hollow Metal Doors Repair & Install
  • Steel Stiffened Core: when rigidity is the main consideration (usually for exterior door), still stiffened hollow metal doors are often used. Most doors of this type are made from 20 gage steel, but there are also heavier variants typically used for security doors.


  • Polystyrene: mainly used for its insulation value rather than structural rigidity. Hollow metal door with polystyrene core is usually installed for exterior, especially in an area where the temperature differential between indoor and outdoor is high.
Hollow Metal Doors Repair & Install
Hollow Metal Doors Repair & Install

Apart from those three fillers, hollow metal doors also come with polyurethane for insulator or protection against cold. Highgate Doors offers custom hollow steel door repair and install services according to your specifications and needs. We use only professional-grade equipment to do all our works, allowing us to complete every task with great precision. Call us at (212) 860-5477 to get free quotes and direct inspections on-site to help you determine the type of doors you want.


Hollow metal doors are expected to last for many years, assuming you have them repaired by professional technicians should there be any problem with mechanism, constructions, shapes, etc. Highgate Doors performs all the installation and repair works in accordance to building code, but without compromising the aesthetic value of your building. Once again, all those features are only true when the hollow metal doors repair and install services are performed by professionals. To get the best of those benefits, give us a call at (212) 860-5477 for inquiries, free quotes, inspections, as well as hollow metal doors repair and install services that come with 90 days warranty.