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High Security Doors Repair & Install Providing high quality services for homes, and commercial places, Highgate Doors also specializes in the repair and installation of high security doors. We offer customized solutions that will meet with the overall security of your business facility or home. You should rest assured that we have highly skilled technicians who know every detail about security doors. Our services help to enhance the appearance of your entrance way as well as provide peace of mind and security against intruders.

High security doors offer exactly what you expect in terms of security. They could be doors with high-tech locks, high security padlocks, or any form of security door at all. If you are searching a company that can help with the installation or repairs of such doors, then you can rely on us, Highgate Doors today for the best services.

High security doors come with many advantages, they offer

  • Improved physical resistance as compared to ordinary doors
  • Keep away criminal activity due to their quality built and intimidating designs

These qualities ensure that your property remains safe and secure at all times.


Installation of High Security Doors

When it comes to the installation of high security doors, our skilled technicians make use of the latest security gadgets to keep your home safe. We could install double and single security doors with the best options for guaranteed security. Over the years we have taken the job to install many security doors for our customers, and you can see that we offer satisfaction. We also offer one year of warranty on the installation job, so you can depend on us.

Repair of High Security Doors

High Security Doors Repair & Install
High Security Doors Repair & Install

Our staff are highly knowledgeable in the repair and maintenance of high security doors with many years of notable experience within this industry. We ensure to resolve all your security needs for places such as homes, commercial places, and more. We also offer 24 hour high security door repair services so you can depend on us at any time of the day. We also oversee a wide range of areas on your door to ensure that you don’t face further damages or any suffering from the daily use of the door. We guarantee that your high security doors will be up and running within a short time!

Why choose us?

Highgate Doors is proud to say that we have many years (over 30 years) of experience, making us a company that you can rely on for the best “door related” services. This simply means that you can also avail a number of other benefits from our services. These include:


These days, criminals will stop at nothing to try and rob your home or commercial place. The chances are high that the police will take quite some time to come to your rescue. At such times, your high security door can serve as the best means to keep intruders away. When intruders see high tech security devices on your doors, like multiple codes, and metallic locks, most probably, they would go to other places that are easier to break through. At Highgate Doors, you should know that we offer durability. This means we install and repair high security doors with the best products to ensure that you remain safe at all times.

We Have the Solution to All Door Problems

We keep a good stock of all the types of parts that a high security door would need to function properly. This means we have the right equipment’s to tackle the repair or installation job in your place. Apart from the repair of high security doors and their installation, we handle the repair and installation of other options like door armors, and many more options as well.


These days, other companies offer their services at expensive rates. If you choose Highgate Doors, you should know that we offer affordability. We are the top services when it comes to the repair and installation of different doors. We keep the value of money in mind and offer you good and affordable price quotes.

Our High Security Door Services Keep Intruders Out

With crime rates on the rise, doors are the front-runners in terms of security for homes, and commercial places. If you call us today, we will ensure that we install the right locking systems, high security padlocks, codes and every other necessary detail to keep intruders away.

On-Time Services

24 7 Door Repair, New YorkThe best part about hiring Highgate Doors is that we attend to all your door security needs within a time of 30 minutes (maximum). In this time, we repair, or install new features to your door, or simply maintain them to ensure they operate well.

We Offer Free Consultations

When it comes to determining the best security doors for your commercial place or home, it’s always ideal that you consult experts who have years of experience in this field. With complete knowledge and the right insight to security systems for homes, we can give you free consultations to get an idea of the kind of security door system ideal for your home. We can give you the right guidance on the types of systems, the best ones to keep intruders away, and the most easy to use ones.

Our consultants specialize in security, meaning we have the right technicians who can provide you with the most accurate details regarding security doors. After taking their time to evaluate your site, they will give you options depending on the concerns you have on security. Once the evaluation process is over, you can rest assures that we give options that will suit your security options, at the same time adhere to the regulations and laws.

We believe that every home or commercial place deserves the best options when it comes to security, so we provide top-notch services that will keep your high security doors functioning well and appear good at the same time.

If you have any questions, or need more information on the types of services we offer, you can feel free to contact us on our number (212) 860-5477. You may also visit our website https://highgatedoors.com/ and our highly skilled consultants will attend to all your door needs right away.