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Front Door Repair Manhattan

Front Door Repair Manhattan
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Each year in the United States alone millions of people find themselves the victims of a break in. Break ins happen for any number of reason and can often time be hard to deal with. Because a break in is by its very nature a “break” in victims are often left looking as to where they might find the help necessary to repair any damage due to the break in. For residents of Manhattan New York, there is a simple and reliable solution: Highgate Front Door Repair Manhattan. Our company has been operating in Manhattan New York for many years and has gained a reputation as one of the premier door repair services in the city.

Residential Front Door Repair

Your front door is the portal or gateway into your home, your sanctum sanctorum. It is the first thing anyone wishing to enter your home will see. Even more importantly your front door is your first line of security against any unwelcome guests or intruders. It is the security you rely on to keep you and your loved ones safe. At Highgate  Door Repair And Installation we realize more than most just how important the doors in your home are. We have a staff of trained and professional technicians who specialize in residential as well as commercial door repair and installation. Our technicians can repair or install just about any kind of door you can find. We work with you to make sure that you are getting the best possible service around all while making sure our prices do not break your bank.


Commercial Door Repair in NYC

Just as important as keeping your home safe is keeping your business or commercial property safe. Right along with homes thousands of business’ find themselves the victims of break ins each year as well. To ensure that you protect yourself against these break ins you need to make sure you have a reliable door repair service. For residents of Manhattan New York Highgate  Door Repair And Installation is that service. No matter what your door situation is we at Highgate  our confident we have what it takes to resolve the situation. A few of the types of doors we service include the following:

  • Glass Door Repair in Manhattan- Glass doors are probably one of the most constantly repaired types of doors. Because they are so easily and frequently broken it is important that you have someone available for repairs when needed. Give us a call anytime and our technicians can have your glass door back in shape in no time from the glass panels to the very door frame itself.
  • Aluminum Commercial Door Repair in NY- Although aluminum doors tend to be fairly sturdy, even they may require repairs from time to time. Whether it be replacing nuts and bolts or dealing with any type of corrosion our professional technicians at Highgate Door Repair And Installation have a solution to your problem.
  • Wooden Commercial Door Repair- Probably second to glass when it comes to the need for repair is the wooden door. Your wooden doors are exposed to a lot throughout their lifetime and so it is not a surprise that you may begin to see wear and tear over time. Anything from water moisture, cracks, or fire damage can cause harm and necessary repair to your doors. Let the expert staff at Highgate Door Repair And Installation put your concerns to rest and help you fix any damage you may have when it comes to your wooden doors
  • Automatic Commercial Door Repair NYC- Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 3 decades you have at one point in your life crossed the threshold of an automatic door. Nearly every super market, hospital, or law office in Manhattan New York has an automatic door. Just like any other door you come across your automatic doors will need repair at some point in their life. While most door repair business’ only deal with tradition doors such as , wooden, sliding, and glass doors, at Highgate Door Repair And Installation we cover it all. Whether it be changing a simple computer chip or sensor or a more complicated problem our staff of experts can handle your problem and get you back in business.
Front Door Repair Manhattan
Front Door Repair Manhattan

Residential and Commercial Door Installation

Sometimes when you are dealing with certain situations involving the doors in your home or business you need more than a simple door repair as a solution. For customers in Manhattan New York having the doors in your home or business installed is easier than ever. Just like with our door repair service we can install just about any kind of door you can find from traditional doors to automatic and steel doors. The satisfaction of our customers, as well as their safety and security, is our top priority at Highgate Door Repair And Installation. Our office is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and our staff is also available in case of any door related emergencies you may have.

Front Door Repair Manhattan
Front Door Repair Manhattan

Custom Door Repair

When it comes to custom door, thing can often get tricky. At Highgate  we have no problems dealing with any trickiness that may come from having a custom door. Our technicians will work directly with you to repair or install any number of custom doors in your home or business.

Service Over All

At Highgate  Door Repair And Installation our top priority has always been the satisfaction and security of our customers. We have been serving the city of New York for years and are very proud of the reputation we have earned. Because of this we strive to provide you with excellent quality door repair and installation service that is not only reliable but affordable as well. For first time customers to Highgate  Door Repair And Installation we offer a 15% discount. This discount allows you to take 15% off your bill for any of our door repair or installation services. Visit our website today at www.highgatedoors.com or visit us in store and mention “WEBOFFER” to take advantage of this discount today. You can also reach us by phone at (212) 860-5477. Call Highgate  today and make your door repair and installation problems a thing of the past.