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Entry Door Repair NYC

Trust Highgate Doors to fix your entry door in no time at all and without causing further damage to your property.

Entry Door Repair NYC
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Entry door repair NYC is a matter that should be entrusted to someone who is knowledgeable and skilled. Remember that the entry door of your business or home is not just a simple entrance to your property. It also protects you and your belongings from various factors such as vandals and thieves.

Aside from this, the entry door increases the curb appeal as well as value of your home or building. As such, getting the help of experts at Highgate Doors is the best thing that you can do when you notice problems with your entry door. You can trust us to determine the root cause of the problem and fix it right away!


Entry Door Repair NYC Installation and Repair

Your entry door speaks a lot about you. It’s the first thing people see when they get inside your building or home. Thus, it is important that your entry door is well maintained. It should be durable and ensure that your property is secure. Overtime, however, you may notice that your entry door creaks, doesn’t close or open as easily as it did when first installed or sticks.

Entry Door Repair NYC
Entry Door Repair NYC

A house is usually built from organic materials and so, it’s prone to wear and tear. Wood also contracts and expands through changing weather conditions. After the house has settled, making a few adjustments may be needed to ensure that your entry door is still installed properly in the doorway and can be easily closed and opened.

Aside from the natural changes that take place with a house, there are other matters that may compel you to fix your entry door. For instance, if your property receives heavy foot traffic, the entry door may be damaged due to use.

Whether you are looking to have your entry door serviced or fixed or you want to replace the old one or install a completely new door, you can expect Highgate Doors to provide the service you need. We have a team of experienced and competent experts who can provide the quality of service you deserve. Highgate Doors not only offers a wide selection of doors. We can also fix and repair just about every kind of entry door available. Highgate Doors is an expert in entry door repair NYC, installation and maintenance in New York.

Our selection of entry doors includes double sliding glass doors for commercial establishments, metal and wood doors for homes and everything in between. Just tell us what you need and we will deliver it to you!

Common Entry Door Problems

Entry doors should withstand various elements such as changing temperatures, rain and wind and daily wear and tear. They are made of impact-resistant materials and tougher than interior doors. Eventually, problems occur with entry doors. Problems with entry doors will usually be linked to three areas – the hardware attached to the door, the door alignment and the hinges. These are some of the most common entry door problems

  • Squeaky Hinges – If the door makes a squeak each time you open and close it, lubricating the hinges with silicone may be needed.
  • Sticking Entry Door – If the door is sticking, adjusting the door size may be needed to fit the entrance.
  • Air Leaks – If a cold draft is present around the entry door during the colder months, you may need to seal the door. This will not only keep the temperature in your home or building steady, but also help lower your utility bills.
  • Knobs that Stick – Knobs that are hard to or won’t turn are annoying and pose a risk to you and your family’s safety.
  • Drafty Doors – Doors that function properly and don’t show any indication of warping can still be drafty because of old weather-stripping that’s no longer working as it should.
  • Cracked Wood Doors – Cracks along the grain can develop. The crack can be filled in with auto-body filler or wood putty.
  • Dents – Dents in the entry door can be fixed. A steel door can be fixed using auto filler. The damaged part will be sanded down until the metal is visible. The auto filler will then be applied in several layers until a smooth surface is achieved. Once this is done, that area can be primed and painted.
  • Door that is Difficult to Move – The door may not be going into the frame. Determine if the hinges are making a noise or squeaking. It might be because they are binding up. It’s also possible that there’s something attached to the door that is causing it to bind.

Entry door repair may be needed when there is something attached to the door. Lock sets, thresholds, weatherstripping or strike plates may also be inhibiting the normal function of the door. Sometimes, these parts should be adjusted or replaced with a new one.

  • Door that is Hard to Open or Close – Find out where the friction occurs. There are two areas where you can usually find this concern – the bottom of the entry door and the upper corner on the door’s latch side. Both conditions show that the entry door is sagging. The door’s weight pulls on the top hinge, causing it to loosen up.
  • Distended Door – This is only true to a wooden door and happens it is not sealed properly. Before planing or sanding the door, make sure to check the margins first.

Keep Your Entry Door Fully Functional and Attractive

Whether you are looking to repair or replace your residential door or commercial door, we will be there to give the service you need. Why should you choose Highgate Doors? It’s simple actually. Aside from fixing and installing entry doors, we also keep them fully functional. We do any necessary servicing and repairs to ensure that your door won’t give you any headache in the future.

Entry Door Repair NYC
Entry Door Repair NYC

Why Highgate Doors?

  • Our team of experts has skills, knowledge, tools and experience to get the job done right the very first time.
  • We understand that you want to get someone who can restore the look and function of your door. We can do just that.
  • Our door service technicians can fix your door that you won’t even notice where the past damage was and what repairs where done.
  • We can correct all entry door problems! Whether it is sticking doors or squeaky hinges or door dents, we can fix it efficiently and quickly. We will get your entry door working properly in no time all!
  • We have affordable rates to meet all budgets.

Give us a call and tell us what you need. Your entry door is very important for your business and home. You want to entrust the job of repairing or replacing it to someone who knows what he is doing and has the right tools for the job. That is exactly what you will get when you choose to work with Highgate Doors.

What Makes Up a Good Entry Door?

Entry Door Repair NYC
Entry Door Repair NYC

Entry doors are the gateway to your home or establishment. An old door needing repair or replacement can leave a negative impression on people. This is particularly true when you have to sell your home or property.

Most doors are made of different wood types that are painted and treated. Many homes have only a single door that swings inward. This door is often located behind a storm door for extra protection. There are some factors that should be considered when choosing an entry door.

  • Material – It is important to choose one that offers the most benefits. There are some doors that are offered for a cheap price, but don’t provide the benefits you are after. Always ensure that the door matches your needs.
  • Color – Pick a color that compliments your décor and home or establishment.
  • Thermal insulation – There are some doors that are made from materials that can help lower your utility bills. These are considered eco-friendly and ensure that the appropriate room temperature is maintained inside your house or building.
  • Budget – Your budget is also important. Determine the amount you are willing to spend for your entry door. Some people who want to save money usually go after the cheap deals and in the process sacrifice quality. In the long run, they only spend more as they have to pay for the repairs or replacement of their door.

Shop around and you will find a high-quality door that is offered at a reasonable price. Compare the offers of different stores and you will be able to make the right decision. Make sure that the door is still within your budget.

There are some practical considerations that play an important role when choosing an entry door. Keep in mind that this door is the first thing people see when they come to your property. As such, it is important to spend time thinking about the atmosphere you want to create. The atmosphere created by your door will also set the atmosphere for the rest of your property. Take time to plan and consider things carefully and you will be able to make the right choice.

Importance of Entry Door Repair NYC

Entry door repair NYC is needed when notice problems with your door. You don’t want people to leave your home or establishment just because your entry door won’t open. Entry doors may experience operational and visual issues. Painting or caulking may be needed to keep the door attractive. Maybe the door is not closing properly. You don’t need to worry.

With Highgate Doors, you can expect an expert door technician to repair your door fast using the right tools. We do everything we can to fix your door. If we see that it can no longer be repaired, we recommend the best solution to the problem.

Entry Door Repair and Replacement

We will be honest with and try our best to repair what needs to be fixed. If your door needs be caulked or painted or lubricated, we will immediately take action. We bring all the tools necessary for the repair, so you can expect us to finish the task without causing any further damage to your door. We also bring spare parts, so we can immediately change the parts that need to be replaced.

Entry Door Adjustment

Entry Door Repair NYC
Entry Door Repair NYC

We can also adjust your entry door. From simple adjustments to replacing or removing a part of the door jamb, we can carefully do it for you. Overtime, the door gets out of adjustment causing it to sag and not close properly. The top hinge is usually the culprit. The strike plate alignment might also be reason why the lock won’t work. We will check the adjustment on your door before doing anything to ensure that the right solution is applied.

You remove the door and can’t put it back in. Your problem has escalated and you are left with a large space in front of your property. Things could go the wrong way if you begin adjusting things without even knowing what you should do. Your door might not even close at all. There’s no need to put your investment and your safety at risk. Just call Highgate Doors and we will be there for you fast!

Entry Door Installation

Installing an entry door is another story. You may be tempted to install the door on your own.  However, if you don’t have the right tools and knowledge on this matter, you could end up injuring yourself or spending more on repairs or another installation. You don’t want this to happen. We can install your entry door within a few minutes.

For your entry door repair NYC, trust no one but Highgate Doors! We will be there for you and get your entry door fixed or replaced in no time at all. Call us to get a free estimate.