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Door Repairs – Replacement and Construction Service

Door Repairs - Replacement
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Door Repairs – Replacement & Construction Service just call us now:(212) 860-5477

Door Repairs – Replacement & Construction Service just call us now:(212) 860-5477 Availing home door repair can secure our safety. Ruin and wreck doors are already out of service. This should be replaced and so, you should seek help from professional door repairman to perform the job. Choose door installers having an expertise in replacing interior doors, whether it is in your office, home, rooms or in any area where doors are present. Pick a well-trained door installer who is excellent in repairing different types of doors, whether manual, revolving or automatic doors.


Consider purchasing a unique but durable door that will hold out for many years. Install interior door that fits your budget but is reliable at the same time. A hardware can provide your needs in door repair but be picky and vigilant with the quality. Install an interior door that compliments on the type or texture of the space that you have. It might look uncomfortable to see doors that are out of design, which does not match with the category of it’s physical features.

In any type of door replacement, it is very important to consider the value provided by the door installers together with the services they provide. Reading reviews can guide you on as to why you should choose the company’s door installers and products.

  • Replacement and new construction
  • Industry installation and service leader
  • Highly trained door experts
  • Efficient and cost-effective service
  • Customized systems
  • State of the art equipment
  • Up-to-date techniques and technologies
  • Prompt, reliable and professional
  • Service contracts
  • Single source vendor for all your door requirements
  • Retrofit replacement and new construction

Choose a service that will satisfy your needs in door repairs. Seek for quality service that door installers can offer, whether in terms of commercial door repair, residential door repair, glass door repair, sliding glass door repair, store front door installation and any door issues that are needed to be fixed. Consult a door specialist to give you tips and advice when it comes to doing door repairs. The help you can get from them can be advantageous.

There are different door designs that are now present in the market. You can avail any of these types, whether customize or via direct purchase. Establishments and big houses that are present in many areas in the city has their own different door styles. Commonly, they use glass doors that is very up-to-date nowadays. Our style in replacing interior doors can be mixed with the home owner’s idea to widen up the range of knowledge.

Customized doors may cause more expense than that of the direct purchase because of the details you want to add if you want to install interior door on your space.  Customized doors includes design, decoration and style. The heavier the details are, the more it gets hard to take in action in it. Customizing doors also include measuring, cutting and adding the materials from the door platform. Choose the best door design that is best for you.

Door Repairs - Replacement & Construction Service
Door Repairs – Replacement & Construction Service


Door Installation: How to Install Interior Door

There are many types of doors available that can be done installed door installers as a part of replacing interior doors. It can be woods, fiberglass or aluminum doors, they are installed following certain basic guidelines. If you are dealing with this basic or complex way to install interior door, let the expert door repairman do the process for you. Entry door installation is just simple, fast and easy, especially as we have the basic tools and equipment to use as materials in installing or replacing interior doors.

Door Repairs - Replacement & Construction Service
Door Repairs – Replacement & Construction Service
  1. Prepare for a rough opening:
  • We would remove the doors assembly from its packaging. Sometimes there are screws install through the jambs into the door.
  • Before commencing to the installation process, we remove the screw that is attached and prepare for the installation process.
  • When replacing interior doors, we remove the existing door frame and leave only the rough opening.
  • Before we start installing your interior door, we first check if the rough opening is plumb and the sub sill is leveled.
  • When doing the door installation, we check the rough opening. It should be one inch taller and one inch wider than the outside dimension of the door to be installed.
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    Door Repairs – Replacement & Construction Service
  1. Placing the door:

Now that the rough opening has been prepared, get ready for the next step, which is placing the door.

  • We would place the door into the opening. Start at the bottom part and push it upward. Put the door into the place where it is going to be installed.
  • Check its compatibility with the space.
  1. Securing the assembly:
  • After the door has been installed, shim the rest of the door frame to secure its place.
  • We would then place a wooden shim on the hinge side of the door.
  • Behind the hinge, we would attach the point of the door frame.
  • Then, we would nail the door in the lace 16, finishing the nails through the hinge jamb near the hinge location.
  1. Finishing:
  • We would insulate the area around the frame using fiberglass insulation or low expansion form.
  • Then, we would install the interior trim and we would caulk all the joints of the trims and brick mold where the brick mold meets the exterior wall.
  • We would then install a weather strip at the base of the door.

That is how we install your interior door. By making sure that we have all the equipment and tools in the installation or replacing process, the procedure will be quick and easy. Our construction experiences has helped us a lot.  Having a partner or a helper doing this can make the task easy and fast. Entry door installation or door repairs require to professional door installers especially, when dealing with larger spaces.

If you aim for entry door installation in big buildings and establishments, then this is the right time to ask for the assistance coming from the professional door installers like us. Big buildings commonly have door installers and door contractors especially with the nature of its physical appearance. On the other hand, it is still important to acquire tips coming from the experts.

Door Repairs - Replacement and Construction Service
Door Repairs – Replacement and Construction Service

Replacing Interior Doors with the Help of Door Installers

Doors are getaways to and throughout your home. Although you may not think of them often, doors are critical component of your home’s functionality and aesthetic. If you are not happy with their look or if they are broken in some way, it is important to contact one of the professional handymen to help you make through the process of door repairs. We, being a door specialist can help you fix and improve the curb appeal and value of your home. We are experts in the fields and we can provide functioning doors that fit the space properly.

Door Repairs - Replacement & Construction Service
Door Repairs – Replacement & Construction Service

Being known for our excellence and service, we can work on several things that are needed to be replaced and repaired including replacing interior door, commercial door repair, residential door repair, store front door installation, home door repair, glass door repair, sliding glass door repair, and many more door installation and repair issues solution. We can install all kinds of doors such as:

  • Interior door
  • Entry doors
  • Sliding glass doors
  • Screen doors
  • Storm doors
  • French doors
  • Pocket doors
  • Sliding barn doors
  • Closet doors
Door Repairs - Replacement & Construction Service
Door Repairs – Replacement & Construction Service

Doors cannot maintain its loyal performance throughout the years. It can get be abused as time is passing by. Home door repair coming from the professional door installers can give an aid in this issue. Homeowners who purchased used and old homes have a bigger problem because the home used for longer years. If you want to get your doors in working order but do not want to replace the entire appearance of your property then we, as door repairman, can help you repair almost every imaginable issues such as:

  • sticking
  • squeaking
  • air leaks
  • damaged door jambs
  • rotting or soft wood
  • broken locks
  • screen repairs
  • and many more

It is still nice to ask for the help and assistance coming from professional door installer and door repairman for home door repair issues. The tips coming from door specialist can be considered as professional idea in terms of door repairs. Professional door installation and repair is beneficial. Having a door that is improperly installed can raise the costs in heating and cooling. Poor install interior door can cause doors not to be sealed properly, which can cause air infiltration. On the other hand, if a storm door is not accurately installed or placed, your home cannot get the protection that it needs.

Hire professional door installers like us that is experienced in home improvement, whether in glass door repair or sliding glass door repair. It is great to work with a person possessing professionalism and integrity towards their chosen job. Whenever you need door repairs, ensure an experienced and hardworking handymen dedicated to the task that will get the job right on time like us.

An insured door installer with promising attitude coupled with spectacular job technique is admirable and a professional one.

Door Repairs – Replacement & Construction Service
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