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Door Repair Services

Door Repair Services
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Door Repair Services, Weather, accident, attempted breaking or simple usage and old age can cause any door in your home or business to become damaged. Any damage to your door will effect its ability to function properly and in the case of an exterior door can leave your family less protected than you would like them to be. Not every door that becomes damaged needs to be replaced. In many cases your interior or exterior doors can be repair so that they look and function like new.


Various Types of Doors – Door Repair Services

Different people have different types of doors in their homes and each type of door may need a different technique to repair the door. Here are a few of the various types of doors that may be needing repairs.

  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Hollow
  • Fiberglass
  • Steel
  • Sliding doors

In addition, the doors themselves may be in good shape, but may sag due to weakened hinges, or have malfunctioning locks. Of course metal and steel doors could sport unsightly dents, glass doors could have cracks or broken pains and wooden doors could splinter or develop holes or even warp making them difficult to open or close.

Determine Whether Your Door Needs Repaired or Replaced

Door Repair Services
Door Repair Services

Before you begin repairs on any door in your home you must first determine whether repairing the door is best or whether the door should be replaced. Here are some things your need to consider when deciding whether repairing or replacing your door is best.

  • Does the Damage to Your Door Affect its Overall Structure? If the damage to your door affects it overall structure than it is best to replace that door rather than have it repaired. This is especially true if the structural damage is to an outside door.
  • Age of the Door. Even if the damage to the door doesn’t affect the door’s overall structure considering the age of the door will help you to decide whether replacing or repairing the door is the best choice. Like anything else in your home aging doors are subject to a variety of things going wrong with them, so if the door is all ready quite old and has had to have repairs in the past then it may be better to replace rather keep repairing the door.
  • Actual Money You Have to Spend. Sometimes deciding whether to replace or repair a door comes down to your personal repair budget. Repairs are often much cheaper than installing a new door, so the amount of money you have to spend has to be considered when deciding whether repairs or replacement is the best option.
  • The Amount and Type of Repairs that are Needed. In addition, you need to consider the amount and type of repairs that your damage door needs. It may actually be more costly to have massive damage to any door repair than it would be to replace the door. On the other hand if the damage is minor than or there is few necessary repairs needed then repairing the door simply makes more sense.

Exterior Door Repair

Door Repair Services
Door Repair Services

The Exterior door to your home or business is essential to protecting your family, your employees and your property. Not only does your exterior door keep unwanted and dangerous people from entering your home or your establishment when your establishment is closed it also needs to function well in order to keep customers coming back to your business and allow your employees or family a safe way to exit in case of a fire or other natural disaster. A well repaired and functioning exterior door will also help reduce heating and cooling cost and provide a barrier from all kinds of weather.

Interior Door Repair

Keeping your interior doors in good repair will help you to maintain your privacy and allow you to close off certain portions of your home whenever you need or want to. The interior of your home may have several doors including bathroom doors, bedroom doors, and closet doors. Each of these door serve their own function and keeping them in good working condition allows you to enjoy and use your home the way it is meant to be used.

Interior doors can suffer from a variety of damage. This damage includes:

  • Warping and sticking. The dampness in homes especially bathrooms and kitchens can cause a door to warp. In other instances homes can settle and result in sticking and ill-fitting doors. Repairs to door in these types of situations may include shaving or cutting the door down slightly.
  • Weakened Hinges- In some situations the problem may not be the door itself, but the hinges on which the door moves. Repairing the door may mean removing the old hinges filling in the screw holes and resetting the door.
  • Malfunctioning Door Latches. In some cases, the latches on your door may not be working as well as they should and either not latch at all or tend to remain latched when they shouldn’t. Door repair covers checking and repairing any malfunctioning latches.


Finding the Best Door Repair Company

  • When looking for the right door repair company look for a company that is fully licensed, insured and offers a guarantee for their work. A company that does both door repair and installation may be the best choice as they can advise you as to whether it is best to repair or replace your door if you are not sure which is the best option in the circumstances.
  • You also want to look for a door repair company that is willing to come out and look at your doors, tell you what type of repairs are needed and are willing to give you an estimate before they begin work on repairing your door. That way you can decide for yourself whether or not their rates are reasonable before you actually receive the bill.
  • Look for a company that provides 24/7 emergency services especially if the door that needs to be repaired is an exterior door. Discovering damage to an outer door after a door repair company closes for the night or on the weekend can leave you and your family or business unprotected if you can’t get the door repaired immediately. Having a door repair contactor who is willing to repair your door whenever you need them to can help keep you, your family or business feeling secure.

Why Highgate Door Repair and Installation is the Best Choice for Door Repair Services

Door Repair Services
Door Repair Services

For those of you living in NYC, Highgate door repair and installation is your best choice for having your exterior and interior doors repaired. Here at Highgate we:

  • Are fully licensed and ensured And our door repair technicians have years of experience installing and repairing any type of door imaginable.
  • We provide 24 hour a day 7 day a week emergency services to ensure that your home is never left unprotected as we will be on our way to aid you within minutes of your call. We can even give an estimated time of arrival based on your location so you won’t be left worrying where we are or when we will arrive.
  • We will thoroughly inspect your malfunctioning door tell you exactly what repairs are needed and what other options you may have. If you desire we will also advise you as to whether repairing or replacing your damaged door is the better option and give you a free estimate for whichever option you choose all before we begin work on repairing that door.
  • We will make the necessary repairs. Once we have explained what is involved in repairing your door and you have looked over the estimate and given us your permission to proceed we will then make the necessary repairs to your door in order to return it to its functioning condition. Before you know it your door will be repaired and we will be on our way to handle another door repair. It’s that simple and easy.

Types and Brands of Doors We Repair

Here at Highgate Door Repair and Installation we repair all brands and types of doors including:

  • Exterior Doors- Glass, Wood, Steel, Fiberglass, Sliding (sideways or up and down) and even dog doors.
  • Interior door repair- commercial, home and apartment doors, closet doors, bedroom and bathroom doors.
  • Door Frame and Jam Repair- We don’t just repair the door itself, we will also repair your door frame and jam if it is needed so that your entire door works like it should and provides the privacy and protection you need.
  • High Security Key Pad Lock Repair.

If you have a door in your home or business and need it to be repaired then why not choose the best Company to get the job done right and that offers reasonable rates. Give us a call here at Highgate Door Repair and Installation. Our number is 1-212-860-5477. We promise you prompt reliable service to meet all your door repair needs.