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Door Repair NYC

Door Repair NYC ,No matter how well-built or how well-installed a door in your home or business may be, there comes a time when door repair is necessary. Over time, you may have a door that sticks, sags on the hinges, automatic systems may fail or incur damage, or the door may simply show cracks and signs of aging that need to be corrected. The experts at Highgate Door Repair and Installation are skilled at all types of door repair.

Manual Door Repair NYC

With the passing of time, it is not unusual for a house to settle resulting in sagging or sticking doors. In addition, weathering and rough treatment can cause cracks in glass or wooden doors that leave them looking sad and tired and even causing a loss of the door’s integrity. When this happens, skilled door repair technicians can get the door functioning properly and looking brand new again.

When you call us to have your manual door repaired, we will send out one of our repair technicians who will inspect your door, identify the problem, explain what will need to be done to correct the problem and give you a free estimate for the needed door repair. Once you clearly understand the problem and agree to the necessary repairs, our skilled and trained repair technician will make the door repairs and correct the problem quickly and effectively.

Automatic Door Repair NYC

Automatic doors are a great addition to many businesses and even some homes, however, automated doors have more things that can break and more often than not, need frequent repairs. Motorized components fail, doors jump off the tracks, and other problems can occur that call for prompt door repair. When you call Highgate Door Repair and Installation, we will immediately send out one of our automatic door technicians to inspect your door and diagnosis the problem. Our technician will then explain to you what needs to be repaired, the parts and labor that are necessary to correct the problem and provide an estimate for the door repair. Only after you completely understand the problem and what repairing that door involves and give the go ahead for the repairs will our technician repair the door for you.

Glass Door Repair NYC

Whether you have a revolving, sliding, or single or double traditional opening glass door we can repair that glass door for you quickly and effectively. Just give us a call and one of our skilled technicians will be sent out to your location to inspect your glass door and diagnosis the problem. He will then discuss with you what needs to be done to repair the door and give you a free estimate. Once you understand what repairs need to be done and agree to them, our glass door repair technician will attend to your glass door repair and have it functioning properly again in no time at all.

Here at Highgate we do both standard and custom made door repairs, so if you have a door that needs repairing, give us a call at (212) 860-5477 and we will be happy to send someone out to inspect the problem and give you a free estimate.

Door Repair NYC
Door Repair NYC