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Door glass replacement

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Types of Door glass replacement

 Door glass replacement In one way or another, glass doors must be among the most broadly adopted architectural features in modern builds – as well as renovations. Glass doors do more than opening your home interior to the outside world. They enrich views, improve natural light and also enhance ventilation. Even though they are naturally transparent, they act as showstoppers for their potential to blur the existing boundaries between the indoors and outdoors.


Unknown to the majority of people, glass doors usually come in a wide variety – with respect to styles and mechanisms. Glass doors range from hinged and sliding, to pivoting, folding and stacking among many others.


If you are considering having a door glass replacement, its importance for you to have an in-depth understanding of the different types of glass doors available on the market. The knowledge gathered will help you decide the type of glass doors best suited to your home.


Door glass replacement
Door glass replacement

Find below, different types of glass doors and their benefits:


1.      Hinged single doors

If you love matters or things traditional, hinged single door is your safest bet. On one side of the door frame, there is a swivelling hinge. This feature allows the other side of the door to swing open from the wall. This type of glass door may open from inside, outside or both. A homeowner who is considering door glass replacement may benefit from either external or internal use.


What benefits can one reap from using hinged single doors?

  • First and foremost, they can be framed or frameless – each method providing a very different appearance. It is worth mentioning that your choice of door handle significantly contributes to the general outlook and style of your door.
  • They come in a wide variety of sizes. On the same note, the structural frame and hinges must be capable of supporting the weight of the glass door when it’s open.
  • They provide an amazing way of maximising the space of narrow opening, and as such, a suitable alternative in the absence of an allowance for installing folding or stacked doors. This notwithstanding, there must be a clear space in front of the door that is equivalent to the width of the door

2.      Sliding doors

Instead of opening inwards or outwards, sliding doors are designed to open sideways gliding alongside the framework of the house or another glass panel. These doors give room for expansive glass walls which maximises the views and consequently facilitating a transition between outdoor and indoor spaces.


Its benefits

  • Since the weight of the door is fully supported on the lower and upper tracks, the sliding mechanism offers the most appropriate solution where large glass doors are needed.
  • Sliding doors provide the best option in instances where there is a limitation of space. This is mainly because; one needn’t worry about the space behind or in front of the door. However, care must be taken to ensure that it is free from obstruction if the door is sliding alongside the wall.
  • Do you always find the need to maximise the space of the opening? A sliding door might just be what you are looking for as recessing it fully into the framework makes it disappear altogether.
  • One of the requirements of sliding doors is definitely not a structural support within the opening. As far as structural support is concerned, another benefit arises from the fact that the weight of the door lies on the bottom track.
  • They can be framed or frameless – whatever the style of your home is. Therefore, when conducting door replacement in your home or office, you aren’t limited to one option. You have the liberty to work out something that suits the style of your home or office.


Stacking doors

If you are planning to perform door glass replacement, and for some reason, you can’t find suitable sliding doors, there is another way around it – stacking doors. The two types of doors look so much alike. The difference arises in the fact that stacking doors have more moving panels. There is a structural element or one fixed panel where two or more panels slide behind. The separate panels collect and interlock with the next one, leading to the sliding effect.


The benefits of stacking doors are similar to those of sliding doors. As already mentioned, the former has multiple panels and as such, capable of accommodating a larger opening.


French doors

Basically, French doors are a pair of singled hinged doors opening away from each other. In the past, French doors had a couple of multiple framed glass panels and usually swing inwards. Today, anything works. They can be used both as exterior or interior doors. When used as interior doors, they provide an elegant and magical transition between spaces and rooms.


Benefits of French doors

  • They fill a considerably wider opening compared to single doors. The space needed in front of the opening area is actually halved – requiring the width of a single door, instead of full opening.
  • Just like single doors, French doors provide an excellent way of maximizing the opening space


There you are! Before you go shopping for your door glass replacement items, you have an idea of what to look forward to.