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A door contractor is a building contractor that has specific training and experience in repairing or installing doors. Some door contractors specialize in certain types of doors such as garage doors, commercial doors, exterior or interior doors. While other door contractors install or repair several different types, makes and models of doors. While many people choose a contractor based on the type of door they want to have installed or repaired, other people choose a door contractor that specializes in a variety of doors so that they can use the same contractor each time they need a door replaced or repaired. Highgate Door Repair and Installation has several door contractors and specialize in installing and repairing a variety of doors.


Why Choosing a Door Contractor for Your Door Installation or Repair Makes Sense

In this day and age choosing a professional door contractor to install or repair any door in your home or business simply makes sense. Doors are extremely important to the beauty, functionality and security of your home. You wouldn’t hire a home cook to cook a meal for the President of United States, so why would you hire a general contractor to repair or install the doors of your home. General contractors and called general for a reason, and when it comes to your homes most basic level of security you want to hire someone who specializes in installing doors to help ensure that the installation is done right.

Types of Doors Highgate Repair and Installation Install or Repair

Highgate Door Repair and Installation specializes in both commercial and residential doors. The door contractors for our company can install or repair any type of exterior or interior door including:

  • Glass doors
  • Wooden doors
  • Fiberglass doors
  • Metal doors
  • Steel doors
  • Glass doors with sidelights
  • Bedroom doors
  • Bathroom doors
  • Closet doors
  • Pet doors
  • Screen doors
  • Storm doors

Fully Licensed and Insured

Door Contractors
Door Contractors

Our door contractors are fully licensed and insured, so you can rest assured that each and every one of our contractors have the skills and knowledge to install or repair different types of doors and provide you with the highest quality door repair and installation services available anywhere today.

Years of Experience

Between them our door contractors have years of experience between them. This experience results in better service for our customers and the high quality door repair or installation you have come to expect from our company. Our door contractors are some of the best in the business and you can’t go wrong having one of these highly skilled contractors repairing or installing any door in your home.

Reasonable Rates

If you are looking for the cheapest door contractors around, then our company will not be right for you. However, if you are looking for high quality service at a reasonable price then we can meet and even exceed your needs. Our company works hard to keep our rates fair and reasonable while still providing you with top quality service.

Prompt Service

When you call Highgate Door Repair and Installation you can expect prompt service. We even offer 24/7 emergency service for those door repair emergencies that crop up from time. Just give us a call and within minutes one of our door contractors will be on our way to your location to provide you with the service you need.

What to Expect From Our Door Contractor

Door Contractors
Door Contractors

When you hire our company to install or repair a commercial door you can expect the following in the way of service.

  • One of our door contractors will arrive at your location and either discuss with you the type of door you are looking to have installed or if your door needs to be repaired he will thoroughly inspect your door and diagnosis the problem and what repairs are necessary in order to solve the problem and get your door functioning properly.
  • Once our contractor has done a full inspection and diagnoses of your door he will discuss with you what repairs are necessary and whether a repair or a new door installation will be in your best interest. If a new door is to be installed our contractor will discuss with you the type of door you want and that will benefit your home décor and give you an estimate as to the cost of the repair or installation.
  • Once you have an opportunity to look over the estimate and decide to hire our contractor our contractor will then either install your new door or make the necessary repairs to your old door.

Door Repairs Due to Break-ins or Attempted Break-ins

Door Contractors
Door Contractors

If you are the victim of a break-in or attempted break-in and need your entry door immediately repaired we will immediately answer your call and provide you fast and prompt door repair service. Often in the case of break-in and attempted break-ins not only may your door be damaged, but your door frame and jam may also be in need or repairs. Our skilled door contractors can and will make all necessary repairs to your door, door frame and door jam in order to return your home or business to a more secure state and protect your family, your business and your possessions.

Security Doors

Our company is also skilled at installing and repairing all types of security doors to help and keep your family or business even safer. We also install security gates to help keep your home or business even safer and more secure.


Of course no door installation or repair would be complete without the accompany hardware and here at Highgate Door Repair and Installation we carry a large variety of hardware for your door including a variety of hinges, knobs, handles, latches and other hardware that will match your door and help improve its functionality.

Do You Need Help Deciding if Your Door Needs Repaired or Replaced?

If you can’t decide whether that old door needs to be repaired or replaced our trained and skilled door contractors will be happy to take a look at your door and help you decide whether repairing that door will be more beneficial and save you money or whether replacing your door makes more sense. In most cases doors can be repaired and will work like new, but in a few cases a door may be so damaged it may no longer provide you with the security you need. In such cases our door contractor will be more than happy to explain to you why simply repairing your door is not the best option and help you to choose a door that will give you the safety and security you want and need.

Reasons to Choose Highgate as Your Door Contractor

If you live in NYC there are several good reasons why Highgate Door repair and Installation should be your door contractor of choice. Here are just a few of those reasons:

  • We employ several door contractors all of which are fully licensed, insured and experienced so you never have to worry whether or not a contractor will available when you need one.
  • All of our door contractors take their profession seriously and are determined to provide each and every customer with high quality service you deserve and demand.
  • We repair and install all brands and types of doors including a complete range of store front doors, entry doors and interior doors.
  • We are a highly professional company that really listens to and assesses each clients needs and will help you make the best choices based on your wants and your budgetary considerations.
  • We serve all of NYC, and provide you with prompt and courteous service.
  • We provide emergency services for those customers who need it as well as well as same day services upon request.
  • Our prices are extremely reasonable.
  • We have many satisfied customers and testimonals explaining exactly why we are the best company to hire that for door repairs or installations.

When you choose Highgate Door Repair and Installation you aren’t just hiring a door contractor you are hiring a company that stands behind every one of their products and their services and is dedicated to providing you the highest quality door repair or installation you will find any in NYC or the world. We are dedicated to our providing our high quality services to our customers complete satisfaction. We know how important your home or business’s security is too you and we make it our top priority.

To learn more about the services we provide, why not take a few minutes to browse our website and read some of our blog entries.

Or contact us for a free estimate, repair or installation by calling 1-212-860-5477 and letting us know how we can be of assistance to you. You will be glad you did.