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Door Closer Repair & Install

Door Closer Repair and Install
Door Closer Repair & Install

If you need a Door Closer Repair & Install just call us now: (212) 860-5477

Door Closer Repair & Install If you were looking for a door closer repair service in the New York Metro area, you have come to the right place. Whether your door closer is manual or automatic, or it is jam mounted or overhead,  or any other type, Highgate Doors will help you repair and install it. If you call (212) 860-5477 right now  you can speak to a knowledgeable and personable expert that can set you up with a 100% free cost estimation appointment. Plus, for a limited time, you will save 15% if you mention our offer “WEBDEAL” for first time customers. We look forward to hearing from you!


Why you shouldn’t buy your door closers at Lowes, Home Depo, or amazon and install them yourself


There are many special considerations when it comes to buying and installing door closers. Some may miss some essential when it comes to installing and/or repairing door closers. Many times the issue that needs to be fixed is not the fault of the door closer, but in fact, the fault of the door itself. Plus, your door closers are scrutinized by inspectors, especially your fire doors, so you need to make sure everything is 100% up to code.


Highgate Doors worries about all these details for you, and the liability is on us. We are licensed and insured to work on door closers, and we have been providing this service for over 12 years in the New York Metro Area. You will be surprised at how reasonable our door closer repair/install rates are, because we believe everyone deserves a properly cared for and installed door closer. When it comes to trafficked areas and heavy swinging objects, it is of utmost importance that they work under the harshest conditions! Please call  (212) 860-5477 to set up an door closer repair/install estimation appointment. You will thank yourself later!

Door Closer Repair & Install
Door Closer Repair & Install

Why you should work with Highgate Doors on your next door closer repair/ install


  • There is always competition, but at Highgate Doors we dedicate ourselves to providing superior customer service. Every business is in the customer service business, and we take that wisdom to heart! If you don’t believe it, check out our glowing reviews on Google here: http://bit.ly/1ScmXeb. We have been a part of the community for over 12 years and we treat everyone we work with like our neighbor or friend, because you are our neighbors and friends!


  • When it comes to speed, Highgate Doors will install and/or repair the door closers you need quickly. We offer a 100% free competitive pricing quote if you call 212-860-5477 right now. If you chose to work with us after, we will be on site and working on your doors in record time. Plus, for a limited time, mention code “WEBOFFER” to save 15%! Our competitors do not place as much of their focus on expediency, so if you want your door closers installed/repaired quickly, Highgate doors is the company for you.


  • When it comes to the quality of work, Highgate doors always makes sure our door closer installation/repair jobs are completed with the utmost importance placed on clean work. When it comes to door closers, a smooth, clean, and accurate job is of utmost importance. Otherwise, the door may easily become damaged by usage or the wind. A quick job usually does not mean a clean job, but when it comes to Highgate Doors, our experience, dedication, and skills allow us to provide you with both at a surprisingly reasonable price.


  • When it comes to liability, you do not have to worry because Highgate doors is 100% licensed and insured to install/repair your door closers. Some shady companies without proper insurance operate, and if something goes wrong, it is a disaster. Play it safe and call Highgate doors for all your door closer installation/repair needs. We also work on virtually any kind of door as well, including custom doors, so be sure to ask us if you have any other residential or commercial door installation/repair needs!


Why else you should let Highgate doors be your door closer repair and installation service.


  • We use state-of-the-art equipment. Don’t let an amateur company use old equipment on your door closers!


  • We are an industry installation and services leader in the door closer installation and repair market. When you work with us, you work with some of the best talent there is!


  • 90 day warranty on any work we do! Sleep well at night knowing that the work was done right the first time around


  • No job too big or too small! In other words, do not hesitate to call 212-860-5477 and talk to us about your door closer, or other door related, projects. Chances are, we will be a good fit for you!
  • Emergency Service available 24/7. In the event of an emergency, you can contact us around the clock!
  • We love our customers and our customers love us! Check out our reviews on Google here: http://bit.ly/1ScmXeb



What door closer types are there?


Whether your building uses manual door closers, automatic door closers, jamb-mounted door closers, overhead door closers, fire-rated door closers, delay action door closers, surface mounted door closers or concealed door closers, Highgate doors can fix them for you. We also install door closers with hold open feature, a very popular option!

If you are looking to install or repair a door closer with hold open feature in the New york Metro area, Highgate doors can help you with that as well. To get started call  212-860-5477 to schedule a 100% free cost estimation appointment. Our personable and highly trained staff are ready, waiting to serve you!