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Do you do commercial work?

Why We Need The Best Door Repair Service In New York?

Do you do commercial work?

commercial work
commercial work

commercial work Yes, we do commercial door services. We understand that the front door of your office or business is the first step to attracting customers and it needs to look as beautiful as possible. The first way to doing this is installing, perhaps, a glass door. Whether it is a sliding or a rotating door, we at Highgate have exactly what you are looking for. It also happens that installation of new doors is not the only service you might require, there are other commercial door services you may need.

Your metal door may rust or fall off its hinges, depending on the type, it may also give in to wear and tear, or the electrical functions or system may fail. Whatever the problem you have, Highgate has got you. It offers you a comfortable and quality service where you get to pay less than if you had sought other similar services.

Our commercial services cover areas like opening and exchanging an existing door, and frames with the latest and the most technologically advanced replacements. If you are bored with the traditional opening and you need your door to be opened by a push of a button, we will install the latest electrical door opening of your choice quickly and efficiently as possible. We will bring your doors new looks that are up to the legal and required standards for a business premise.

It doesn’t matter if your door is wooden, or glass, as mentioned earlier, whether it is a Hollow metal door, aluminum doors or any other automatic door for that matter, we have them all. Before the installation or when recommending the installation to a new door, we will first try to fix the door, establish where the problem is and if it is irreparable, we will replace it for you. Should you be thinking twice about doing so, with your go ahead, we will install a temporary one until you are ready to have a complete installation.

While carrying out our commercial works, we extend our services to repairing hinges, locks, latches, door frames, braces, hasps, handles, door closers, deadbolts among much more. Nonetheless, we provide the best door hardwa

re there is for you.

We perfectly understand that making the right decision or choosing the best door that fits the appearance of your office or business place can be such a difficult thing to do. With our help, this burden will be eased. We have an endless supply of doors that have been designed to fit all appearances. If you are faced with this difficult decision, make contact with us, and we will visit your business premises, examine it and suggest to you the type of door that will blend seamlessly with it. With our various types of glass, heavy duty and wooden doors, you will highly unlikely miss what you are looking for.

After deciding on which door you want to be installed, our knowledgeable and experienced team will install it for you in the shortest time possible to ensure that your business keeps on running smoothly and that it is not affected.


Therefore, before worrying about who you are going to contract to install a new door for you, before asking anyone who provides all the door commercial services in New York at large, know that Highgate is here for you. Regardless of the commercial service you need, whether you want a new door installed, or to upgrade the security of the doors, or even if you require help with malfunctioning hinges, latches among many other things that could go wrong, we have you covered. Call our technicians, and they will be there in time to put all your worries away.

Do you do commercial work?
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Do you do commercial work?
Yes, we do commercial door services. We understand that the front door of your office or business is the first step to attracting customers and it needs to look as beautiful as possible.