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Armor Doors Repair & Install

Armor Doors Repair & Install
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Armor Doors Repair & Install Due to doors being the only places through which people can enter homes, the chances are likely that most intruders will attempt to breakthrough your home via doors, and it can only take them a maximum time of 10 seconds to find their way inside with an insecure door lock.

The best way you could avoid this is to install a solid door lock, but really, that’s not enough to stop intruders from kicking the door open. When it comes to advanced security and safety of your home, you can depend on us, Highgate Doors to install and repair armor doors.

According to statistics, if you make it difficult for intruders to find their way into your home, they will simply go to other places. The chances are high that once intruders continuously try to break through the door and fail, they will recognize your home as a well secure, or a vacant home that they wouldn’t want to attempt to break into and simply move on to the next one.  This is why you need to protect all the weak points of your door, jamb it well to make it difficult for intruders to find their way through into your home.


What are Armour Doors?

Door armors are economical, easy and highly advanced protection systems. They have unique designs that help to keep intruders away from entering your home. Door armors are a set of five steel plates that help to reinforce every weak and key points on doors. Once you install these on your home doors, the chances of forced entries through your door is impossible. Armor doors also work with alarm systems, so if you have one, that’s great! Armor doors fit every type of door, whether it is a single entry, double entry, or a sliding door, you can rest assured that we can install it for you.


Advantages of Highgate Doors Armor System

The first advantage of installing door armors is that all the steel components prevent any risks of door damage. They support the door invisibly, hold the door, and frame firmly. They help to interlock the door, meaning they eliminate any gaps between frame and door, creating a smooth and unified fixture. Lastly, they help to protect your home and have the tendency to withstand the use of heavy tools by intruders to break through or heavy kicking to gain access into your home.

We Guarantee Quality and Security

At highgate Doors, we ensure that our armor doors are 100% genuine when it comes to security because they are tested by police and they recommend them for homeowners. With many years of experience in this niche, our records show that we have worked on the installation and repair of many kits, making us a company that most homeowners and contractors can rely on across Ney York. With our armor door services, you can rest assured that you will get a lifetime warranty against the chances of kick-ins.

If you worry about any aesthetic effects on your home because of the door armor kit, you don’t need to think twice because our professionals install them in ways that make them barely visible. If you need repair services, then rest assured that one repair is all it takes and you won’t need to repair it ever again.

Types of Kits We Install/Repair and Their Advantages

Armor Doors Repair & Install
Armor Doors Repair & Install

The products we work on help to reinforce the weak points of any door, including the hinges, lock area, and jamb. Depending on the door type, we make use of quality products to do the job. The types of armor products we work on to protect doors include the Fix-A-Jamb II, universal doorjamb armor combo set, and the armor combo set. The time we take for the installation of each touches a maximum of 15 minutes. Depending on the damage type, the repair time could vary.

If you are finding it difficult to choose one option between the three, then we recommend the use of the armor combo set because it is the strongest one in terms of protection, and the easiest one to install. The kit comes with one door armor jamb shield, two hinge shields, and two mini door shields for protection. The door armor kit helps to reinforce the weal points of the door and backs t up with an armor for lifetime guarantee against kick-ins. The kit is the ideal kit for tough security against intruders, and the most popular one among homeowners today.

The Fix-A-Jamb kit is not as strong as the combo armor, but it sure helps to keep your door well protected. The main difference between the two is that the Fix-A-Jamb only reinforces the doorjamb compared to the three points of the door that the armor combo reinforces. This kit is easy to repair and install (takes 15 minutes maximum).

We Offer Commercial and Residential Armor Door Services

Armor Doors Repair & Install
Armor Doors Repair & Install

Our armor doors are not just for residential homes, but we also offer our services to commercial places. These days, intruders search for the most growing businesses and target them for their next robbery mission. With Armor doors, you can rest assured that no matter what equipment they use to try and break into your commercial place, the armor door will keep them away at all times.

Armor Doors Repair & InstallWith enough experience at hand when it comes to the repair and installation of armor doors, we are proud to say that we have the right skills and knowledge to handle the job. Our highly skilled staff take their time to repair and install such doors. We know the value for money so we ensure that our customers remain happy with our services.

We continuously work towards keeping out services affordable and reasonable because we believe that every home or commercial place deserves to remain secure with the best armor doors. This is why, you should feel free and contact us today for the best armor door installation and repair services in town today. For any details on our pricing, services, and the kits we install, you can call us today on (212) 860-5477 & book free estimate appointments with us. We will also attend to any questions you have regarding Armor doors, so contact us today!