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History of Door Repair, Types & How to Choose A Repairman

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Door Repair & Installation

Doors serve an integral purpose inside and outside your home. Interior doors separate rooms and add privacy while exterior models protect the home and the people and contents inside from weather elements, break-in and intruders, and another disarray. Doors also set the mood inside the home and offer curb appeal and aesthetic value to the outside of the property. When there is a problem with a door in the home, it is important to call a professional to make the repair. It is equally important to pick up that phone when it is time to install. Highgate offers both repair and installation service for our valued customers.

Fast & Efficient Repair Service

Doors rely upon many components to hold them together and sturdily in place. Any of these components can sustain damage at any time, whether it’s caused by human error, old age and wear and tear, or even weather damage. If the repair isn’t made quickly, everyone suffers since it prohibits privacy, allows rain, snow, and other weather elements inside the home, and diminishes the security that gives you peace of mind and comfort. We’ll make repairs to the frame, the jamb, the handles/locks, or any of the other components that are not properly functioning. Our professionals can make repairs interior and exterior doors with the same expertise as the next.

Time to Install?

Why Do We Need A Door Repair & Installation In NYC
Exterior Doors Repair & Install & Service Manhattan

Just as we’ll repair your door, we’ll also install a new door. Whether you want to replace an old, outdated exterior door model, want to enhance the security around your home, or are under new construction, we’ll get things going with professional, prompt door installation service. If you want to install a new interior fixture, we’ll make sure that your needs are met. Our experts work efficiently, but thoroughly, ensuring the door is installed correctly the first time around. We’ll even provide you with advice and guidance if you’re still in the door selection stage.

Request an Estimate

Free estimates are available upon request. Requesting an estimate is the first step in the repair or install process. Call our professionals to request your installation or repair estimate and learn firsthand how little it costs to maintain your unit or update your current style. We’re one phone call away and would love to add your name to our list of satisfied customers. The number is 212 860-5477 and we are waiting for your call!




The History

Doors were once considered an entrance to the afterlife, their first use occurring on Egyptian tombs. Paintings show them in a single or double style made from a single wood slab that was oftentimes highly decorated with designs. Stiles and rails were used to seal and hold them in place, although it wasn’t done in Egypt but instead primarly in other countries. They were made from many different products, though timber was the most popular. Olive wood was used in King Solomon’s temple door. It was encrusted with gold. Other popular wood choices used include cedar, oak, cypress, and pine.

The very first doors ever used are seen only in painting, but there are still many historic units around that provide the chance to get a glimpse of the architectural style of long ago. During an excavation project where a new car lot would soon land, a team of archaeologists in Switzerland discovered a door that is believed to be around 5,000 years old. Research suggests that it was designed sometime around 3036 BC. This door is the oldest one in existence in the world, although many other older products are still out there. The side door to the Westminster Abbey in London is 950-years old while the Bernward doors at the Hildesheim Cathedral in Germany are around 1000 years old. Made from a bronze material, they date back to 1015 and weigh 1.85 tons each!

Although many changes have occurred over time, doors are still an aesthetically-pleasing addition that improves and enhances the look, functionality, and style of the property. Although styles and times have changed, many traditional and antique door styles provide the chance to create a stunning look of yesteryear in your home. Whether you want an updated, modern look or prefer the timeless look of long ago, the experts at Highgate are ready to serve your needs with professional service. As industry experts, Highgate offers unparalleled service for residential, commercial, and business clients. A call to 212 860-5477 leads to one of our experts who’d love to discuss your needs and help you choose the right product to install. Need a repair to one of the current units in the house? We can handle that need, too. But, you must pick up the phone and give us a call to begin the process.


Front Doors: Repair, Installation & Service Manhattan, NY


Different Types of Doors

It is important that any object added to your home matches your decor and style. With an array of products to accommodate any desire, it is easy to find a look that you look. We offer a wide product selection for residential, commercial, and offices, with prices to accommodate budgets small and low. We offer an abundance of styles for your exterior and interior needs.

With the right product in your home, it is easy to minimize the transfer of noise between rooms, keep intruders and weather elements out, protect your home, and enjoy privacy day in and day out. There are choices for both the exterior and interior of the home.

– Bi-fold
– Screen/Storm doors
– French-style
– Swinging
– Double-Hung
– Sliding
– Barn-style front door

These styles are just a few of the available interior and exterior choices that you’ll sort from. Aside from the choices in styles, there are also many materials from which you’ll need to choose. The material selection is important since it impacts the costs of the product and installation, its durability, longevity, level of protection, and more.

– Metal
– Aluminum
– Wood
– Fiberglass
– Wood-Clad
– Glass

This is not a full list of the materials, though it is among the most popular of the choices. It helps to look at each door style and material, evaluate its pros and cons as well as the various styles available to determine which is best for your home space. Our expert installers can also discuss each door style and what it can offer you.

We service each door style and type listed above and the dozens of other available options. If there is damage, you’re ready to upgrade or have other concerns, we’ll handle those problems with ease. We know doors and our mission is to provide you with exceptional services whether it is at your home, office or your business. We vow to provide reasonably priced services with a smile.

An installer at Highgate would love to speak to you concerning your repair or installation needs. Just pick up the phone and make a quick call to discover firsthand what it means to work with experts who are on your side. The number is 212 860-5477. An expert installer is standing by to speak to you! Whether you have questions, want to schedule an in-home consultation, or request an estimate we’ll help with all your needs.



How to Choose a Repairman

Choosing a repairman for doors is never easy. Not only does the assortment of companies claiming to be the best professionals only adds difficulty to choosing the best name in the business, the fact that some repairman is looking only to make a quick dollar rather than to take care of the needs of their customers causes chaos when you need professionals. A bit of research simplifies the process of choosing a front door repairman or commercial installer.

What to Look For

When choosing a repairman to fix the structure, do not rush the process and take the necessary time to find a company that isn’t afraid to go above and beyond to make you their next satisfied customer. Qualities of a great company include:

– Professionalism: Companies that offer professionalism in every area are those deserving of your support. If you’ve ever worked with a company that lacks professionalism, you understand firsthand how frustrating it can be. Eliminate Those concerns by choosing those who have a positive Arora from the first conversation.
– Experience: Choose a repair/install company with a few years’ experiences underneath their belts. Experienced professionals have a reputation to maintain, plus a few tricks of the trade up their sleeves. There is far more assurance of a job well-done when an experienced company is around. You need to know the number 212 860-5477!

– License/Insurance: Never hire a repairman lacking license and an insurance. This could be a risky decision that costs you in more ways than one.
Great Pricing: Good companies are in the business to help their customers while making a few dollars in the process. Request estimates and compare prices to find a company who understands that providing customers reasonable pricing and great warranties is the start of a great relationship.

– Reputation: Read online reviews to learn what previous customers think of a particular company. Ensure there are many positive reviews, though don’t be surprised if you find a few negative reviews thrown in the bunch. Ask friends, neighbors, and co-workers to recommend companies they’ve worked with in the past, and visit company websites and social media pages to further learn what people say.

Highgate Install & Replacement Experts

Looking for a door repairman? Look no further than Highgate, one of the most reputable, trusted names in installation and front door replacement service. We even fix damaged fixtures! If you need a front door, want to upgrade to a commercial metal fixture, or need a replacement after a fire, our installer is just a phone call away. Call us at 212 860-3477 and our experts will take care of your needs.

24Hrs Door Repair Service


Commercial Repair & Installation

If you want to add unique character to your unit, it starts with the front door entrance. Sometimes, the front entrance is a part of your overall brand image, so it is even more important to ensure that it adds the charm and value that you want. It keeps out intruders and thieves when you’ve closed shop for the day, keeps wind and other weather elements out, and separates rooms on the inside. But, the door can also sustain many problems that cause it to lose these functionalities, putting you in harm.

Repairs & Installation the Right Way

Highgate professionals are ready to respond to any repair need that you encounter at your facility. Whether your metal unit is dented, your overhead door is cracked, or you want a professional to install a new unit, our experts are standing by to handle your needs. This is only a handful of the services we provide to our valued customers. We even provide emergency service. No job is too large or to small for our professionals to handle with care and expertise.

We offer a large selection of high-quality security commercial units that protect against fire damage. Most often, metal is the preferred choice for a fire-resistant product. We offer many metal doors for you! Fire damage is non-existent when you choose fire-resistant doors. We offer doors that are resistant to fire for every size commercial facility and we fix them, too. Enhanced security is always yours!

Call us when you:

– Need a replacement
– Want to upgrade
– Want better protection
– Want to add style to the place
– Want experts who go above and beyond to satisfy your needs

The Name You Can Trust

Fast, reliable and professional service is your guarantee when you call Highgate at 212 860-5477. As industry experts backed by an A+ BBB rating, many years of experience, superior reviews, and many loyal customers, we vow to handle your needs with the highest of priority and concern. We wouldn’t have things any other way.

Call Highgate when you need professionals who’ll fix your door the right way, the first time around. Our installer and repair services are provided by industry leaders who know the ins and outs of doors and those who want to exceed the expectations of their clients. Call 212 840-3477 to schedule an appointment or to request an estimate for the services that you need. You will love our love prices and super service, but don’t take our word for it when you can learn firsthand.

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